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Colorado, my Adoptive Home

I was born in rural Canada, the son of a political refugee and a farmer’s daughter. My family  moved to the United States with very little and I feel we achieved the American Dream. I’m living proof of the American Melting-pot. 

My wife and I moved to Boulder County in 2014 and have loved every moment of it. We bought our home in Longmont in 2017 and love the Kitely community we live in. We love the community so much I’ve moved my widowed mother here too.

Supporting Small Business

I started my first company in 2004. I have been involved in, mentored, advised or otherwise participated in dozens of ventures. I brought together The Our Center, FRCC and Local Employers to provide education and training for our workforce.

Building Community

I enjoy helping others, whether it's making sure my neighbor makes her doctors appointment or volunteering at local nonprofits. I've been a proud soccer coach for the last 8 years, coaching at both St. Vrain FC and Boulder County Soccer Club. Giving back is an important part of who I am, and that is why I'm running for City Council.

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Tallis's Book

Tallis started his first company in 2004 and since then has earned an MBA from Clark University’s Graduate School of Business, participated in more than a dozen ventures and taught a class at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. He has poured his experience into his first book, The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Business Handbook. Tallis offers FREE RESOURCES on his Book's Website, www.SavvyHandbook.com.


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