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Community Bank

  1. LA, SF, Seattle and Philadelphia are working on city or community owned banks
  2. Funded by deposits, grants and potentially bonds
  3. Gives local businesses access to flexible inexpensive startup or expansion capital 
  4. Increasing home ownership by allowing more people to access mortgages 
  5. Providing student loans for people who want to attend Front Range Community College 
  6. Generates Non-Tax revenue that can be used for other public programs 

Longmont Needs Solutions for Housing

  1. Increase home ownership, 50% of people rent
  2. More starter homes and other types of attainable housing in the $250K-350K range
  3. Update building codes to allow for innovative solutions like 3D printed homes
  4. Convert unused commercial real estate into residential housing
  5. “No Growth” is not an option 

Help Businesses Recover From Covid

  1. Support our labor pool through providing attainable housing 
  2. Continue to build the Longmont Startup Community 
  3. Increase DT housing density to give DT businesses more customers   
  4. Work with and support the actions of organizations like Energize Colorado
  5. Limit onerous red tape whenever possible  

Education and Skills Training 

  1. Offer FREE bootcamps training people for the jobs of tomorrow
  2. Make sure our schools are preparing our kids for future jobs
  3. Bring Employers, Educators, Labor and Government to the table 

Future Jobs  

  1. Support Front Range Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing programs 
  2. Promote businesses in  Advanced Industries to locate in Longmont 
  3. Leverage Next Light and lean into IT and digital infrastructure 
  4. Work with organizations like TechStars to promote entrepreneurship 

Open Spaces and Conservation   

  1. Promote outdoor activities  
  2. Legalize the use of gray water for flushing and potentially irrigating 
  3. Revaluate bus routes for impact   
  4. More bike lanes and multi-use paths 
  5. Collect solar power from parking lots and flat top buildings